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Opening Invited Presentation:

Emerging Memories Drive the Use of AI to the Edge View this Presentation

Abstract: Emerging non-volatile memories such as magnetic random access memory (MRAM), resistive random access memory (RRAM) and phase change memory (PCM) will find uses in AI training as well as inference engines. This will drive the use of these memories in the data center, at the edge and at IoT end points. This talk will dicuss the uses of new memory to augment SSDs and HDDs to create a new world of applications and driving capital equipment spending to make these memory factories of tomorrow.

Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates is a digital storage analyst and business and technology consultant. He has over 37 years in the data storage industry with engineering and management positions at several companies. Coughlin Associates consults, publishes books and market and technology reports (including The Media and Entertainment Storage Report and an Emerging Memory Report),and puts on digital storage-oriented events. He is a regular storage and memory contributor for and M&E organization websites. He is an IEEE Fellow, President of IEEE-USA and is active with SNIA and SMPTE. For more information on Tom Coughlin and his publications and activities go to

Second Scheduled Presentation:

After Helium, vacuum Hard Disk Drives promise even larger capacities View this Presentation

Abstract: The last HDD technology to successfully reach the market place was Helium filled drives. It allowed for thinner platters, a higher platter count and therefore higher capacities and lower power consumption. That was almost 6 years ago. What’s next for HDDs? Energy assisted recoding methods such as HAMR and MAMR have been delayed for many years with no definitive roadmap in sight. In this talk, we’ll show how vacuum is the next logical step after Helium, how current PMR technology would be receive a 40% boost in capacity and how even HAMR and MAMR will benefit from this very innovative HDD technology.

Mr. Karim Kaddeche, the co-founder and CEO of L2 Drive, is a serial entrepreneur in southern California. He co-founded a software company, GeoMicro, in the late nineties with Mr John Wang. GeoMicro was one the early pioneers in the domain of location based services and was the first to offer GPS navigation on mobile phones including real time traffic, weather and local search features. These services were an early example of what we now call "Big Data", because they involved analysis and dissemination of very large datasets. After selling GeoMicro to a public company, John and Karim decided to leverage their experience building high performance data storage systems at GeoMicro; they founded L2 Drive, Inc with the vision of bringing higher IOPs, and capacity, to all storage system. Four years and 9 US Patents later, L2 drive has recently emerged from stealth mode by announcing their vacuum HDD technology at TMRC 2018.

What Attendees say about past Storage Visions®

  • "It's a must attend event for anyone serious in the storage world and emerging technologies." - Tim Bono, BonoLabs, LLC
  • "Storage Visions consistently brings together some of the most innovative developments in storage technology with practical use cases from early adopters in a personal setting that allows for real dialogue. It is a unique and valuable event among industry technology workshops."-- Michelle Munson, Founder, Eluvio
  • “The topic of managing the tsunami of unstructured data is one of increasing importance and the Storage Visions conference is one of the only events that focuses on this topic.  It brings together both industry thought leaders and practical implementations to give a wide range of perspectives.  It’s always a highly interesting and engaging event.”– Geoff Stedman

  • "In a mere 2 days, SV really brought me up-to-speed on the industry from a technical, business, and market outlook point of view so it provided excellent ROI for the time." - Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox
  • "Storage Visions provides a focused opportunity to get deep into the issues of storage technologies. I've attended two years in a row and find the information gained is applicable throughout the remainder of the year" - Karl Paulsen, CTO, Diversified Systems.
  • “This is the best event for connecting with respected storage industry veterans.” Prior SV Attendee

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