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Storage Visions® 2016

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Learn the latest on hyperscale and cloud storage and its impact on your business

Find out how the internet of things will impact your digital storage needs and hierarchy

Explore the latest information on the rapidly evolving digital storage technology that will change your life

Develop your vision of storage for the next ... years


Two-full days packed with industry leading keynotes, sessions and exhibits featuring the latest architectures in memory and storage technologies

Key Sessions:

  • Drive Trust: Protecting Our Stuff
  • Software in the Fast Lane: The Impact of SNIA’s NVM Programming Model
  • Analyst Perspectives: How will we Use Ubiquitous Storage?
  • Next Millennium Storage: New Developments Propel Storage System Options
  • Epic Proportions: Storage for High Resolution Content Capture and Production
  • Storage End Users on The Long Term
  • Storage Visions 2016 Rising Stars, Young Engineers Panel
  • Saving Data Forever: Long Term Content Preservation and Archiving
  • Pumping Big Data: Putting Data Where it Needs to Be
  • Business and Consumer Cloud Storage: What will we do up there?
  • Storage and the Wearable Sensors of Today and Tomorrow
  • Keeping it Now: Emerging Storage Infrastructure Technologies

Announcing the 2016 Storage Visions® Awards

Storage Visions® Conference will present the 2016 Storage Visions Awards to industry’s leading creative and innovative technologies


Don’t miss this opportunity to represent memory and storage industry leading technologies alongside the U.S.’s largest consumer electronics show, CES Las Vegas! Utilize this power-packed two-day event to network with members of the vast data storage ecosystem.

What Attendees say about past Storage Visions®
  • “A fantastic way to start the new year, inspiring creative ideas to act upon!” Rakesh Cheerla Sr. Director SMART Modular, Inc.”
  • “I get more information from the real movers and shakers at Storage Visions than I get at the whole CES. Its like a private seminar because of the people and size.” - Charles Azar, Instant Replay
  • "Storage Visions provides a focused opportunity to get deep into the issues of storage technologies. I've attended two years in a row and find the information gained is applicable throughout the remainder of the year." - Karl Paulsen, CTO, Diversified Systems.
  • "A wealth of storage information in two days.” - Steve Moskowitz, VSTN-Vegas Trade Show Newswire.
  • “It was an informative conference with distinguished speakers providing their knowledgeable views on the storage market. It was my first time attending Storage Visions, and I will definitely be back next year.” - George Mykytyn, Bloomberg Industries.
  • “Storage Visions has the reputation of being the focal point for all storage technologies. Leading manufacturers and users of all storage types—magnetic and optical disc, tape, flash and other special storage technologies—come together every year to share new products and new approaches to using that technology. It’s always an eye-opening experience.” - Jim Handy, Objective Analysis
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2016 Keynote Speakers and Special Guests