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Everspan Ideal For IoT Archiving

October 11, 2017-- Sony Optical Archive, Inc. (SOAI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America (SCA), announces the latest release of their Everspan data center-class archival storage system.

In our 24xforever connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) ever-increasing data generation is outpacing the available physical storage infrastructure and long-term analytic needs. Even with a 5G ubiquitous network in place, delivering available capacity to meet upcoming IoT elastic storage requirements will continue to be a challenge.

Everspan is an ideal scale-out archival storage solution to address the deluge of IoT data requiring to be stored, retrieved and analyzed over the dataís lifespan and beyond.  An Everspan IoT data lake provides 177PB of archival cold-storage capacity per row while drawing an unrivaled .05kW/PB of power. A baseline Everspan library configured with sixty-four (64) high-performance optical drives can deliver a 1.3PB restore capacity per day SLA. Everspanís row-level library design scales out in increments of 12.6PB and includes an industry-first 100-year media reliability warranty, enabling a truly future-proof long-term data storage investment.

Everspan is available with an S3 object-store interface gateway enabling client applications to seamlessly store and retrieve objects via a S3-REST API. Unique Everspan-specific S3 features include library partitioning, Active Directory support and parallel read/write operations enabling a secure, multi-tenant ubiquitous cold storage repository. Everspan also supports erasure code protection across single, multiple and geographically dispersed Everspan repositories. Additional Everspan interfaces include the Hitachi Vantara HCP object-store, the IBM HPSS (High-Performance Storage System) and a native Tape (LTO/S10) emulation for seamless integration with existing applications.

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SOURCE: Sony Optical Archive, Inc.