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2018 Keynote Speakers

Andy Steinbach
Andy Steinbach, Founder and CEO, Paradigm Shift AI
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts, Engineering Fellow, RISC-V Foundation and Western Digital
Manish Muthal
Manish Muthal, VP Data Center, Xilinx

Storage Visions® 2018

Join Us and THRIVE!

The 2018 Storage Visions® Conference has moved to the Hyatt Hotel in Santa Clara, CA on October 22-23, 2018

We plan a great two-day event looking at all aspects of digital storage technology and its applications with unstructured data.

IDC estimates that by 2025 we will generate more than 163 zettabytes of storage each year due to the growth of big data, the IoT and the growing amount and size of digital content. That’s a lot of data, and it would overwhelm our capability to storing and using this content. The 2018 Storage Visions Conference will show you how you can thrive in the coming Data Apocalypse, even while others are struggling to survive.

Please join us to help insure your future.


Two days packed with industry leading keynotes, sessions and exhibits featuring the latest architectures in memory and storage technologies

Sessions On:

  • Circling the Wagons—Memory/storage-centric computing
  • Good Monsters—Emerging memory technologies battle the data horde
  • Analyst Perspectives: How will we manage the data apocalypse?
  • Epic Battles with Classic Heros—Flash, HDDs and Tape slay data challenges
  • Epic Proportions--Storage for high resolution content capture and production
  • Media and Entertainment Storage End Users on Surviving the Data Apocalypse
  • Software Visions for High Performance Applications—Holding the beast at bay
  • Big Data and Small Pipes: How will we get data where it needs to be?
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper—Storing data for the long term
  • Managing the Threat Above—Can clouds and AI deal with burgeoning data growth?
  • Apocalypse or Opportunity—Business leaders address the challenges and promise of ubiquitous data


Don’t miss this opportunity to represent memory and storage industry leading technologies! Utilize this power-packed event to network with members of the vast data storage ecosystem.

What Attendees say about past Storage Visions®

  • "It's a must attend event for anyone serious in the storage world and emerging technologies." - Tim Bono, BonoLabs, LLC
  • "Storage Visions consistently brings together some of the most innovative developments in storage technology with practical use cases from early adopters in a personal setting that allows for real dialogue. It is a unique and valuable event among industry technology workshops."-- Michelle Munson, Founder, Eluvio
  • “The topic of managing the tsunami of unstructured data is one of increasing importance and the Storage Visions conference is one of the only events that focuses on this topic.  It brings together both industry thought leaders and practical implementations to give a wide range of perspectives.  It’s always a highly interesting and engaging event.”– Geoff Stedman

  • "In a mere 2 days, SV really brought me up-to-speed on the industry from a technical, business, and market outlook point of view so it provided excellent ROI for the time." - Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox
  • "Storage Visions provides a focused opportunity to get deep into the issues of storage technologies. I've attended two years in a row and find the information gained is applicable throughout the remainder of the year" - Karl Paulsen, CTO, Diversified Systems.
  • “This is the best event for connecting with respected storage industry veterans.” Prior SV Attendee

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Missed the 2018 Conference? Purchase the presentation access key!

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See the Candid Photos Taken at the 2018 Conference

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