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Learn the Latest about Storage Security and Recovery at the 2015 Storage Visions Conference


SV 2015 Awards Submissions are now Open


San Jose, CAóNovember 5, 2014óThe Fourteenth Annual Storage Visions Conference (SV 2015) features a session exploring the latest developments in digital storage security and data recovery. The full conference agenda with speakers identified can be seen at:††† SV 2015 is a partner program to the 2015 CES.


Following is information about this session, organized by Michael Willett from Samsung and Robert Thibadeau from Wave Systems:Finding and Keeping It Safe:Protecting, Finding, Storing and Recovering Personal and Commercial Content.


This session covers the challenges facing security and protection of stored content, including content on mobile devices as well as at home and in the cloud.Finding secure content requires indexing and the creation of metadata and this session will look at metadata creation and use.Standardized security products are making data security easier than ever while enabling desired content sharing. In addition to content security other content protection topics will be covered such as content recovery.


        Chris Bross, DriveSavers

        Michael Willett, Samsung

        Robert Thibadeau, Wave Systems

        Richard Fetik, Data Confidential



        Sean Berry, Kroll OnTrack

        Lance Dover, Micron


The Storage Visions Conference is January 4 & 5, 2015 at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas. The conference theme is:Storage with Intense Network Growth (SWING) and recognizes the impact of the connection of everything on digital storage growth and development.Award submissions as well as hotel and conference registration are now open.


Visionary product, company and end user award submissions can be made at:


There are a limited number of sponsorships and exhibit spaces available for the 2015 Storage Visions Conference.For information on sponsorship and exhibit opportunities fill out the appropriate forms available on the conference web Interested parties can also call Storage Visions at 408-202-5098 or email us at†† Conference registration is open until December 26, 2014 using the links at: registration in our discounted room block is available using the links at:


Sponsors and exhibitors include Advantage Video Systems, Coughlin Associates, Corning, Diablo Technologies, Entertainment Storage Alliance, DriveSavers, HDDFA, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Industrial Internet Consortium, LiteOn Storage, Kroll OnTrack, Quantum, SanDisk, Samsung, SNIA, SMPTE, SNIA SSSI, SATA-IO and the Trusted Computing Group.


Organization and media sponsors include:Alien Babel, AVSystems, Broadcast Beat, Burn World, Computer Outlook, Coughlin Associates, Createsphere, Davis Consulting Asia, DCIA, Digital Production Buzz, Drive Pop, FCIA, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, HomeToys, IDC, IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Valley, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Media and Entertainment Tech, MESA, MESS, Object Storage Alliance, Objective Analysis, Parks Associates,,, PriceG2, ProductionHUB, RDC, SATA-IO, SMPTE, SNIA, STA, StorageSearch, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, The Shindler Perspective, The SSD Review, TechReleased, TechTarget, Tomís Hardware, Tomís IT Pro, TweakTown, UCSD and VegasTechShows.


The Storage Visions Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance (www.EntertainmentStorage.Org).

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