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Big Pipes, SMPTE Archives and Cloud Storage at the 2015 Storage Visions Conference


Early SV 2015 Registration ends December 26, 2014


San Jose, CA—December 22, 2014—The Fourteenth Annual Storage Visions Conference (SV 2015) features sessions focusing on bigger pipes, SMPTE archiving initiatives and cloud storage for consumer and enterprise applications. The full conference agenda can be seen at:    SV 2015 is a partner program to the 2015 CES, and early conference registration provides a free pass to the CES exhibits.


Conference registration closes December 26, 2014.  You can register using the links at:


SV 2015 includes sessions with the latest information on critical topics such as faster data transport, archiving content with new SMPTE archive initiatives and cloud storage as described below. 


B2:  Piping Up—Wires and Spectrum—Transporting Big Data into the Future

Session Sponsor: Akamai

Moderator and Organizer: Marty Shindler, Shindler Perspective


As file sizes continue to grow and the number of users and files increase dramatically, moving content to be available wherever and whenever through the Internet becomes more difficult. Cloud storage is the key, but there remain challenges & rewards for getting content to where it is needed quickly and securely and in the required format, especially given the array of consumer electronic devices and screen sizes amidst several operating systems. There are many opinions as to how the future of content transport will evolve. This includes what will occur with extensive installation of fiber by telcos, cablecos and Google. There is also considerable discussion of how sales of spectrum will impact the growth as society becomes increasingly mobile.  This panel will take a close look at the future, envisioning content transport into the future.



·        Ben Bloom, Akamai

·        Don Gabriel, EchoStar

·        Eric Markow, Bel Air Internet

·        Ian Hamilton, Signiant

·        Michelle Munson, Aspera


C2:  Saving the Best to Last:  Long Term Content Protection and Archiving

Session Sponsor: SMPTE

Moderator:   Dennis Waid, Peripheral Research


High resolution content won’t last forever unless content owners create a rational archive that includes good metadata and digital asset management.  Today’s archives serve as active libraries for a multitude of content distribution networks as well as long-term content repositories.  As the complexity and resolution of digital content increases, archiving technology will play a bigger role in making sure today’s content survives.  This session will help you with your long-term data protection plan.



·        Brian Campanotti, Front Porch Digital

·        S. Merrill Weiss, SMPTE

·        Jason Adrian, Facebook

·        Matthew Star, Spectra Logic

·        Karl Paulsen, Diversified Systems


·        David Cerf, Crossroads Systems

·        Scott Jeschonek, Avere Systems


D2:  The Sky’s the Limit:  Opportunities and Challenges for Consumer and Enterprise Cloud Storage

Session Sponsor: Samsung

Moderator:  Tom Burniece, Burniece Consulting

Distributing content as well as on-line back-up and disaster recovery are driving demand for remote storage.  Cloud storage now includes personal clouds as well as storage as a service.  This session exposes the storage requirements and trends for on-line content delivery and remote storage as well as storage technologies to support cloud storage services.  Learn about new business opportunities and how they’ll impact the growth and use of storage in this growing market.


·        Michelle Munson, Aspera

·        Noam Shendar, Zadara Storage

·        Dan Boggs, Panzura

·        Richard Leonarz, Samsung Electronics

·        Satish Lakshmanan, SanDisk


·        Tracey Doyle, HDS

·        Ben Masek, Sony Media Cloud


Visions Conference is January 4 & 5, 2015 at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas. The conference theme is:  Storage with Intense Network Growth (SWING) and recognizes the impact of the connection of everything on digital storage growth and development.  Hotel and conference registration are now open.


Corporate sponsors and exhibitors include Advantage Video Systems, Akamai, Aclectic Systems, Aspera, Computer Outlook, Coughlin Associates, Corning, Diablo Technologies, Entertainment Storage Alliance, DataDirect Networks, DriveSavers, HDDFA, HDS, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Industrial Internet Consortium, LiteOn Storage, Kroll OnTrack, Quantum, SanDisk, Smart Modular Technologies, Samsung, SNIA, SMPTE, SNIA SSSI, SATA-IO, the Trusted Computing Group, TweakTown and WireFi.


Organization and media sponsors include:  Alien Babel, AVSystems, Broadcast Beat, Burn World, Computer Outlook, Coughlin Associates, Createasphere, Davis Consulting Asia, DCIA, Digital Production Buzz, Drive Pop, FCIA, Flash Memory Summit, HDDFA, HomeToys, IDC, IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Valley, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Media and Entertainment Tech, MESA, MESS, Object Storage Alliance, Objective Analysis, Parks Associates,,, PriceG2, ProductionHUB, RDC, SATA-IO, SMPTE, SNIA, STA, Storage Newsletter, StorageSearch, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, The Shindler Perspective, The SSD Review, TechReleased, TechTarget, Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s IT Pro, TweakTown, UCSD and VegasTechShows.


The Storage Visions Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance (www.EntertainmentStorage.Org). 

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